(we love canoeing)

Based in Darley Abbey in Derby, we have a state of the art club house on the banks of the beautiful river Derwent. We have a large number of club members who regularly participate in nearly all forms of canoeing.

New members of all abilities (novice to expert) and of all ages (kids, teenagers, families) are all welcome. We are able to provide equipment, coaching, and other like minded canoesists to ultimately have as much fun as possible.

We are a none profit charity run by club volunteers and affiliated with the British Canoeing governing body.


  • Canadian / Open Canoeing
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Slalom Canoeing
  • Polo
  • Pool Sessions
  • White-water Paddling
  • River Trips
  • Camping Trips
  • Social Events

Contact Us

You are welcome to email us for any further information, or just visit us on a Thursday evening and have a friendly chat.


Thursday Evenings

The club house is busy most days of the week all year around, however every Thursday evening the club is open to guests and new members to come and have a go with the help of duty officers and duty coaches. We have changing rooms with hot showers, and all equipment apart from a dry set of clothes can be provided.

We also run weekly sessions in a swimming pool during the autumn and winter.